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Neutral ETDA (ethylene-diamine-tetracetic acid)

EDTA disodium salt         250g.
DH2O                    1750 ml.

The solution is often cloudy and is neutralized to pH 7 by the addition of
approximatey 25 g. of sodium hydroxide, which will also clear the EDTA
solution. If used for demineralization, depending on the specimen, it may
take weeks to complete. Post treatment in formal salne, prior to processing
in ethanol, will also prevent precipitation of EDTA salts within the

If used as a buffer, to gaurd against nucleic acid degradation, I would
recommend purchasing commercially available EDTA.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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Hello all:

    I am looking for a formula to make EDTA.  If you have any
suggestions I 
would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Jim Bradford
Methodist Hospital
Omaha, NE

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