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From:"Tapper, Sheila" <>
To:"'Patricia Karlisch'" <PKARLISCH@PSGHS.EDU>,
Date:Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:45:13 -0500
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Ventana offers empty dispensers that you can fill with antibodies that you
have diluted from concentrates.  I would recommend that you call Ventana and
get some information.  We use the Ventana ES, and about  of the antibodies
we use are concentrates.  You will need to learn how to run titering runs on
the Ventana.  You TMR should be able to help with this.  Good luck!

Sheila Tapper
Anatomic Pathology Team Leader
SMDC Health System
Duluth, MN

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	Sent:	Friday, August 13, 1999 10:53 AM
	Subject:	Automatic Staining on IHC

	Dear Histonetters:
	 For those of you who do IHC staining using the Ventana ( a great
	instrument) what do you do for those antibodies that are not offered
	Ventana for automatic staining.  Do you proceed manually or do you
use a
	different autostainer?  Are you using kits or making the antibody
	yourself?  How does this affect your workflow?   The autostainer
	the workflow tremendously but the outliers are labor intensive and I
am just
	curious how most people handle this .  We do about 80-150 slides a
day using
	14-20 different antibodies ( of about 110 different antibodies).
	50-70% are done on the Ventana daily depending on what is being
	Thank you

	Pat Karlisch
	Geisinger Medical Center
	Danville, Pa  17822










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