New method for fungi

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From:"Bryan Llewellyn" <>
To:"Histonet" <>
Date:Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:38:51 -0700
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I am developing a new method for staining fungi in sections which depends on
a new way of demonstrating aldehydes.  I have been using tissue of a candida
infection with pseudohyphae in a very dirty lung (carbon and PAS positiver
muck).  I really need more variety in the type of tissue and type of fungus
to check it out thoroughly.  Unfortunately, up here in the wilds of Canada
we get very few such, except for athletes foot.

If anyone can send me a block of tissue or some sections from any kind of
pathogenic or opportunistic fungal infection I would be very grateful.

If you can help, please contact me privately for the mailing address.
Please use the subject "Fungi control" so I don't miss it (I get >100
messages daily).

Bryan Llewellyn

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