Morgan Dize is home!

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Fri, 27 Aug 1999 17:00:57 -0400
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Dear histonetters,

Some good news to start your weekend. I just spoke with Lynn Dize and
Morgan is home as of yesterday!! She is starting to walk on her own and is
starting to feed herself. She seems to understand things she is asked but
still can't verbalize those things. She will require physical therapy 5
days a week from 9 am to 3pm and will also be receiving rigorous speech
therapy. If she is not able to speak again they do think that she will be
able to learn sign language. It is all good news!

We did not realize how serious Morgan really was. Her parents were told
twice that she was brain dead. She had a collapsed lung and pneumonia.
During the early days her brain pressure went up so high they had to do an
experimental treatment on her one which the hospital had only done three
times called a Lumbar drain. What they do is like a spinal tap only they
place a very small tube in the spine and attach a bag to this they then
take the bag and place it at a certain level using a carpenters level and
the bag is placed up near the ear and has to remain level. What this does
is when the pressure in the brain increases it allows the body to push out
the excess fluid so the pressure in the brain does not get too high. They
took a great risk in performing this but it is what saved Morgan's life!!!

Lynn and her family wish to thank everyone for their cards gifts and the
money coming into the fund. It is all greatly appreciated. Lynn also
mentioned receiving cards from England which she thought was so great and
she said,  "they have really cool stamps!"

If you wish to send cards, information, or gifts please send them to the
following address:

Lynn or Morgan Dize
2666 Bluebird Circle
Duluth, GA 30096

The fund we have established for the Dize family is still at $800 dollars
which is wonderful, but I know we can do better, I sent mine have you sent
yours. In case you missed it here is the information again please help if
you can every little bit helps as these therapy's and care will be a long
term expense.

Make a check out to First Union in the memo line write this account number
3000020783964. Then send this check to the following address, (Note: you
may want to include a memo to the bank that the check is for the account
listed above under the name of Sabrina Lynn Dize, just to make sure it gets
into the correct account):

First Union National Bank
Bank by Mail Department
4695 Aviation Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30349-6048

If you don't want to mail a check you may wire the money to the same
address however you must include the routing number which is 061000227 as
well as the account number listed above.

Thanks everyone for the support and if anyone has any questions about this
situation please let me know as I will be happy to answer any questions
phone: days 319-335-7095, evenings 319-626-4638 or e-mail me at

Thanks again everyone you are a great generous bunch!

Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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