Liaison positions still available

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Date:Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:55:03 -0700
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Liaison positions are still available for the following workshops at the NSH
Symposium/Convention,  Providence, Rhode Island:

     #1    Which Automated Immunohistochemical Stainer is for You?
     #2    Registry Eligible, or Are You Ready for the HT Exam?
     #9    Rodent Necropsy Techniques
     #10  Latex Allergies: Where the Rubber Hits the Road
     #39  Basic Microanatomy
     #40  A Blast from the Past: Celloidin and the Forgotten Art of Temporal
Bone Histology
     #53  Automation, Acceleration and Microwaving for Special Stains
     #55  Infectious Diseases of the GI Tract
     #69  Putting the "Health" Back in Health Care
     #84  Immunohistochemistry:  Theory, Applications, Troubleshooting and
Enhancement Techniques
     #85  Violence in the Workplace
     #86  Controlling Procedures

If you would like more information, contact:

Kathy Rohrbach
206-587-0430 x4728

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