LR White/MMA thin sections

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From:Linda Jenkins <>
Date:Fri, 20 Aug 1999 11:32:40 -0400
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Dear Sarah,
	In respnse to your question:

	 "Are the peel-a-way molds also used for MMA when doing thin
sections?  How are they clamped into the microtome?  I have a Sorval
microtome I use for the plastics.  I assume glass knives are used for thin
sectioning MMA, is that correct?"

	Good question!  I haven't tried the Peel Away Molds for MMA.
However, I bet someone out in histoland has - maybe they will share.
Suggest trying it and put mold in an aluminum foil, make-shift pan in case
it dissolves or distorts.  You see, I do very large embedments in MMA and
use tupperware (yes, let's do have a party), rubbermaid, disposable 9 x 13
cake pans, whatever.  If the peel away molds work, I don't see why you
couldn't use the embedding rings in the same manner as the GMA method.  Or,
you can attach an embedding ring to the back of the block with super-glue.
Yes, you can use glass knives, but I use the tungsten-carbide blades due to
the large size of my specimens.  I also section these MMA blocks on a
Polycut E automated microtome.  I don't think you can section MMA blocks on
a manual microtome - automated being the KEY word here.
	Armadillo ears???  What will we find to cut next:-)
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering
Clemson, SC

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