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From:Linda Jenkins <>
Date:Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:22:29 -0400
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Hi, Sarah,
	I, too, store inhibited monomer at room temp. Anything over one
gallon goes in a flammable storage cabinet.  However, room temp is becoming
harder to maintain as this never ending heat wave continues - today's will
be our 39th day of  "over 90" temp.  The facilities people are in my lab as
I type this trying to lower the temp below 82 degrees F.!  I am seriously
considering moving my monomer to the fridge as it's not looking hopeful for
a restoration of 72F. degree temps.  Inhibited does not mean it won't ever
	As to disposal, if you have the hood space, you can use the
disposable 9 x 13 aluminum pans.  They work rather quickly - to polymerize
the used monomer - as they  are shallow and have a large exposed surface
area.  The campus Environmental Health and Safety people brought me a bunch
of five gallon, chemical safe plastic containers for disposal.  Filled it
half full and came back about a week later and found a very distorted
looking container.  Looked like someone had kicked it in the side with a
pair of steel-toed work boots!  The plastic didn't melt - it just couldn't
handle the high temp's generated in the exothermic polymerization process.
	Here's hoping your lab is cooler than mine!
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering
Clemson, SC

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