BrDU in mouse tissues

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From:Shirley Chu <>
Date:Wed, 18 Aug 1999 08:49:51 -0700
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To all histonetters,
I will be involved in a project in which I will be looking at cell 
proliferation in the growth plate/bone development of mice using 
BrDU.  Some of the mice will be fairly young, anywhere from about 4-5 
days old and the older ones about 20 days old.  Primarily looking at 
the femurs of these animals.  Could anyone recommend to me an 
antibody (or even better,supply me with a procedure) that they have 
successfully used on mouse bones that are formalin fixed, paraffin 
embedded.  The bones for the younger mice will not be decalcified 
prior to processing while the older ones will be (planning to use 
formic acid for no longer than 2 days).   Thanks in advance to all 

Shirley Chu
Deltagen Inc.
San Carlos CA

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