Austin, Tx jobs?

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Date:Mon, 30 Aug 1999 14:39:42 -0500
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I'm a retiring and relocating histotech from MD Anderson Cancer Center, who will
be looking for a job of some sort in the Austin area in November, 1999.
My last day at this email will be Aug 31, then I'll be off to Lago Vista. I'll
resubscribe to this histonet when I get organized at my new place.  In the mean
time if there are any hot jobs out there here's my phone and address.
I've heard that there is a job at CPL, I'll be looking at UT also.
I've done Immuno and in situ in addition to procedure manuals and HPV Hybrid
Capture.  I've maintained my cutting skills, while I honed my supervisory
I'll be in touch!!
Pam Pyle, formerly Chief Tech in the Neuropathology/Hybridization Laboratory at
MD Anderson Cancer Center.
22102 #2 Boggy Ford Rd
Lago Vista, TX 78645

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