two questions

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From:"Jim Ball" <>
Date:Sun, 15 Aug 1999 20:51:36 -0400
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#1 I have a copy if an AFIP manual that describes an Oil Red O procedure
being performed on a paraffin embedded piece of tissue. Our fearless leader
would have us use this procedure to demonstate oval fat bodies in a urine
specimen that has been spun and made into a cell block. A waste of time or a
brilliant idea you be the experts.
For me it just helps me get through another 8 hour day on my way to
collecting a pay check.

#2 I have lost, misplaced or hidden very well my first check sample from
ASCP of this year. I have not yet contacted ASCP to see if they will replace
it free of charge of course, but in the event they want would some one be
willing to fax me a copy so I can maintain my continuing education credits.
Fax 1-740-633-4568 Att: Jim Ball.

#3 I have forgotten how many credits I need to maintain my IHC credintials
could some one refresh my tired old memory.

I lied there were three questions.

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