paraffin embedding

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Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:01:57 -0500
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I have experience with working with cryostat ,but not a lot working with
paraffin embedding. Recently, we changed to paraffin embedding in the lab.
Can someone help me and guide me to do paraffin embedding? What do I have
to do to prepare the tissue cassettes, how is this done? I have the concept
but I want to be sure. How do you use the embedding rings? Is there a good
book that will show me how to do paraffin embedding step-by-step?

We are going to use a Citadel tissue processor (from Shandon) and I have
never used it before either. Hope someone can help me on this.

Edna J. Gonzalez
Histology Lab
PowderJect Vaccines

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