napthol AS-D chloroacetate storage

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From:Rob Geske <>
Date:Mon, 09 Aug 1999 12:01:07 -0500
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<html><div>is there a reason not to make a solution of napthol AS-D chloroacetate in formamide for use in the Leders stain  and store the aliquots of the solution rather than weighing out the relatively small gram amounts each time.  considerations would be shelf life of the substrate in solution. </div> <br> <div>thanks in advance,</div> <br> <div>rob</div> <BR> <font color="#0000FF"><i><div align="center"> Robert S. Geske<br> Research Associate<br> Center for Comparative Medicine and Department of Pediatrics<br> Baylor College of Medicine</font></i></html>
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