help, PSA antibody and the dog

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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999 09:13:05 -0600
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Good morning Histonetters,

I have this inquiry concerning PSA/dog and cross reactivity with human
antibodies available.  Could you help this gentleman, he is not a Histonetter.
Can't help on this one, not my immuno area, and he did not give many details
on what kind of assay he is attempting, IHC, chemistry etc.  

Would appreciate the answer to Histonet, and to him directly. 

Thanks and have a great week,
Gayle Callis

>Date: 8 Aug 99 21:19:37 MDT
>Subject: Dominican Rep. Students Request
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>Dear. Doctor.
>I am a student from “Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University” (UNPHU),
>that’s in Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom. And I am doing my final project
(Thesis) to
>obtain my veterinary degree.
>This project is based in the determination of the normal level of Prostate
>Specific Antigen (PSA) on dogs. To go on with my project, I need information
>on the test of this enzyme for dogs, and if some special equipment is needed.
>I have to know if it can be done with the reactive used on humans or If
>specific reactive would be needed, and if so, where to buy them.
>I would be so grateful for any information you can provide to put me in the
>right direction of my project.
>Thanking you in advance, I am very truly yours
>     		Victor Jose Caamaño S.
>		E-mail: 
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