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Date:Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:07:10 -0400

I live in Rhode Island. It has been a LONG time since I rock climbed (like in
the 70's while in COLLEGE!!!!)   As I remember, "Chimney Rock" was the
place to go around here.  I think just over the border into Connecticut. 
Another nice face to repell with was located in Arcadia Park.  And the
3rd rock I recall climbing UP was Pettaquamscutt Rock (also known as
"Tready Rock") in South Kingstown along the Narrow River (Gilbert
Stewart was supposed to have signed a tready with the Narragansett
Indians there).  

Please email me directly at work if you want me to ask around more for
you.  Just to let you know, I DON'T rock climb anymore.  :-)

dodi borsay horowitz

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