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From:"Patricia Karlisch" <>,
Date:Mon, 02 Aug 1999 16:57:01 -0400
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Salaries differ regionally. Larger cities, the East coast and the West coast tend to pay more.  It also depends on whether you are called a histotechnician or histotechnologist in some areas and some hospitals. I have heard hourly ranges for 5 years experience, ASCP certified to be as low as  $11.00/hr  to as high as $15 or $17/hr.  You should try to  benchmark your job with other  histo jobs in your area.  Good luck.  Pat Karlisch

>>> Pat Kokoszka <> 08/02 2:35 PM >>>
I am just curious as to the salaries that histo-techs are paid.  I work in a relatively small hospital-approx. 80 beds.  However, we do a tremendous amount of surgery cases.  I average around 40 blocks/day which may not sound like alot to most of you, but I am the only worker in my histology dept.  I do all of the manuals for my department, file, accessions, embed, cut and alot  of special stains.  I have been working in Histology for 9 years and have been ASCP board certified for 5.  Since this is the only hospital at which I have ever  worked, I really have no idea what other histo-techs are paid.  For all I know, I could really be getting taken.  Thanks for any responses you may offer.  

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