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From:"Joyce Kotzuk" <>
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Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:55:53 -0600
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I use syringe filters, I think they're regular glass fiber non-sterile prefilters, and a 3 or 5 ml syringe. I don't know exactly what we're filtering out, but the DAB turns clear after filtering, whereas before it is slightly brown. Speaking of DAB, I've been using Vector's DAB kit, and while it is easy and safe to use, it has been browner than usual lately, and I'm beginning to worry that it may be causing excessive background, so I'm thinking of switching. Any recommendations for liquid DAB reagents? (I don't want to be weighing out powder). Thanks, Joyce Kotzuk, UNM Pathology

>>> Gayle Callis <> 08/11/99 10:01AM >>>
Just curious, what are people using to filter DAB before applying to 
tissue sections?  Microfilters, non sterile variety, for syringes? 
or just a filter paper, # of filter paper please, ie Whatman # or 
an equivalent. 

this is for a very small amount of DAB, 2.5 mls frequently.  

Gayle Callis

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