Re: Tendonitis, carpel tunnel and general fatigue...

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Date:Sat, 7 Aug 1999 23:49:08 EDT
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Kathy, are you by chance leaning on some sharp edges where the nerve is 
coming in contact with pressure?  There is a nerve, I believe the ulnar nerve 
that runs along the right side of the right arm that can easily be irritated 
when in contact with sharp surfaces...  from the work bench, desk or 
embedding center, etc. etc. .     Carpal tunnel normally effects the thumb 
and first three fingers because of inflammation of the medial nerve in the 
carpal tunnel of the wrist.  All three of the major nerves, medial, radial 
and ulnar, go through the carpal tunnel of the wrist.  If I remember 
correctly, ulnar nerve inflammation  is the one that will result in the 
little finger to go to sleep.  Your really should see a physician and correct 
the situation as soon as possible.  Prolonging  and procrastinating can lead 
to some serious permanent damage.  
I do have info on cumulative trauma disorders.  Let me know if you would like 
me to put it in the mail to you.       Pearl Gervais

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