Re: Tendonitis, carpel tunnel and general fatigue...

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Date:Wed, 4 Aug 1999 22:04:59 EDT
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Lori, carpal tunnel and tendonitis are the results of repetitive motion and 
poor posture. This of course will lead the way to general fatigue.   Approx. 
15% of the histology population suffer from this.  There are many issues 
responsible for this problem.  And there are several things that can be done 
to correct the problems before it is too late.   If you send me your address 
I can put some material in the mail.  I will be giving a workshop at the NSH 
this fall in Providence.  The handout is fairly complete... but of course, 
not everything in a 3 hour workshop will be in print.  If you send me your 
address, I can drop it in snail mail.  It is way too big for me to e-mail.  
Pearl Gervais

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