Re: Tendonitis, carpel tunnel and general fatigue...

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From:Kathy Gorham <>,
Date:Wed, 04 Aug 1999 18:25:47
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Lori: I would be interested in what you find out too. For the past three
weeks I've been having problems with my little finger and the one next to
it on my left hand going to sleep. I've been a histo tec for 31yrs and this
is the first time I've had problems with it. Thought maybe it was the
internet playing that was getting to me. Thanks Kathy
At 12:15 PM 8/4/1999 -0700, wrote:
>Hi all!
>I am interested in some input about tendonitis (or carpel tunnel or
fatigue) in
>the forearms. How many folks have or are having these symptoms? What are you
>doing about it (sleeping with braces, surgery, reduced time on the microtome,
>???)? I will be having a meeting this coming Monday to discuss this issue
>the supervisors, so all information is greatly appreciated! It seems that
>may be some disagreement here, on how much thin sectioning can be done
>adverse affects. Also, if you think of anything I forgot to ask about, that
>information would be great too!
>Thanks in advance!
>Lori Miller

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