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Sterile water only has any critters that were in it killed off, the dead
critters will still still be there (unless filtered out).

You could use deionized water instead of distilled.  The reason that sterile
water is not a good idea is that any disolved salts in the original water
source are still there and could affect the pH of the staining solutions
which in turn would change the staining reaction.   Sorry, don't have time
to go into more detail but if you are in a bind you can find DI water at
your local supermarket.

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> Hello All, This may be a dumb question, but I work in a small lab in a
> clinic. I just ordered some special stains in kits. My question I do not
> have distilled water at hand..Can I use sterile water to rinse in it's
> place? Please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Thanks.
> Pat Betchley LVN, HT(A.S.C.P.)
> WHMC Lackland, AFB
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