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Date:Wed, 04 Aug 1999 18:29:59 -0600
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   I agree with Anita,   but recently infact just last night I noticed
when I was removing a slide from the coverplate after the run, an air
bubble could be seen between the slide and surrounding PBS, and after I
coverslipped this slide I noticed this area was just blue(nice neat
little circle)....   I concluded, and maybe this could be false: I when
placing the slide on the coverplate, the capillary action looked fine
but I feel I must of when loading it on the machine decreased my grip on
it allowing the bubble to form, or bumped it in someway??!!  So I
believe not always being gifted and talented and finger strong can also
cause these bubbles.
            I do however love the cadenza... it frees up so much time!!!

                Kim Benson
                Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
                Laramie, WY
    work e-mail:

Special Histology Lab Tech wrote:

> To anyone out there who is using the Shandon Cadenza for
> immunostaining or a Shandon Rep:
> We have 2 Cadenzas which we use everyday for our immunostaining and
> we have had these machines for a few years.  Recently, we started
> seeing a' bubble artifact' (areas of no staining) on the tissue.
> This is driving our pathologists crazy because there are times when
> the bubble is in the area they are interested in.  We just
> had both machines serviced and initially the staining seemed better
> but now the problem has returned.  We tried using a different wash
> buffer, but that made the problem worse.  If anyone can shed some
> light on this problem, we would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Michele Margiotta
> Immunohistochemistry Lab
> UH@Stony Brook,NY

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