Re: Pathology Technical Assitants

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From:Mequita Praet <>
Date:Mon, 02 Aug 1999 20:09:06 -0400
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Dawn makes a good suggestion here.  Documentation of this sort will help you with
your request to management.  I had a lab assistant for three years doing the same
general duties you describe. She had a nursing assistant's license and college
credit, so that helped get a good starting salary for her.  She started at 9.50
an hour and received very good annual raises before she had to move to Texas last
Mequita wrote:

> This sounds exactly like a position we created when I was still a supervisor
> at a major hospital in Michigan.  We rewrote her job description to include
> more technical details like the ones you mentioned.  I am not sure if you
> have this available to you, but  we submitted it to the job evalutation board
> and it certainly made a difference.  If the job details are outlined
> carefully, like we did, she came out way beyond a phlebotomist.  Not only did
> the lab asst. get more pay, but she was so thrilled we went to all this
> trouble for her she was VERY motivated to do a good job and kept taking on
> more duties!!
> (It helps to have a lab manager that was as motivated as I was to get the lab
> assistant more $).
> Hope this helps,
> Dawn

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