Re: Pathology Technical Assitants

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Date:Sun, 1 Aug 1999 16:45:14 EDT
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This person is a wonderful person to work with.  She is doing what we have 4 
people doing in our lab, however, our average day is approx. 120 cases.  We 
have two VIP proccessors.  The STARTING salary for an assistant is $6.50 to 
$7.00 an hour at our lab.  This person deserves about $8.00 in my personal 
opinion.   We train our histology technicians in our lab if one is not 
available when we are in need of one.  I was trained there and went on to get 
my certification alone with very little assistance, but it can be done.  
Some may say that this financial request is too much,  but I say that a 
valued employee should be shown that they are indeed appreciated.  
I hope that you will agree. 

                                                Jeanie Wade, H.T.(ASCP) 


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