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Date:Mon, 2 Aug 1999 21:50:01 -0700
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Phil, this is not something anyone has mentioned about the crispy critters
(otherwise known as biopsies).  We process ours along with everything else
on a 9.5 hr cycle and still have problems.  After careful investigation, we
discovered this really became bad 3 months ago when we changed to a paraffin
some techs thought was better than one we were using.  With this 'better'
paraffin, the techs admitted to having to soak much longer, having harder
time to cut, etc.  Only benefit of this "new" paraffin was it took more time
to set up during embedding than the first paraffin which the embedders
preferred.  I preferred the first paraffin because it did set up quickly and
dried much more clear than the next choice paraffin.  We changed back to the
first paraffin on the processors and saw a dramatic decrease in chatter
immediately.  Now, the techs are willing to experiment with using the first
paraffin mixed with a second to increase its set up time at embedding.  Yes,
I know, it is recommended to use most paraffins straight, but sometimes, ya
gotta give to keep the peace!  Different people embed at different speeds so
this may provide a "happy medium".   Sharon osborn
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Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 3:04 AM
Subject: Microchatters - Thank you

>Thank you for the many tips and suggestions.
>Almost everyone suggested that we are over processing these biopsies.   I
>can't believe I didn't think of that. We were processing large and small
>blocks together on a 15 hour cycle so we have now set up a short schedule
>for endoscopy biopsies.
>As for softening the blocks already processed, there were a variety of
>ideas, mostly using slushy ice or moisting the block in some way.
>Once again thank you.
>Phil Hall
>Paediatric Pathology
>St Michael's Hospital

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