Re: Fading of eosin

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Date:Thu, 5 Aug 1999 09:10:26 +1000
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Dear Freida,
the only time I've seen it was before I started making it up in Walpoles
Acetic/acetate buffer @ pH 5.4, when I used to use just plain distilled
water and forgot to acidify the solution with either MSP or a few drops of
acid. Colour looked ok but would not bind to tissue elements. So for the
last twenty years using buffered I haven't seen it since.
I used the pH of 5.4 because even with a solution of 0.5% for thirty
seconds, the results were punchy, more those with added phloxine.
I realise that strictly my problem wasn't fading, but yours still might be
related to pH.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 5 August 1999 8:45
Subject: Fading of eosin

>Have any of you in histoland had a problem with pale or fading eosin in the
>H&E stain when you have changed nothing in your procedure.  If so, and you
>solved the problem - what was the cause?
>Freida Carson

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