Re: 50 slide slide racks

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From:Janice Mahoney <>
Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:22:58 -0500
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Hi Karen,
Shandon Lipshaw.  I have a catalogue etc. if you want it.
At 03:14 PM 8/11/99 -0500, kkdulany@UNMC.EDU wrote:
>     Do any of you know where I can order the metal slide racks that hold
50 slides with a
>removable wire handle?  I have found some in catalogs but they have
attached handles and
>are kind of curved on the bottom.  These are very hard to get slides into.
 I've also
>found some that hold 60 slides, but these are nearly too big for my
staining dishes, even
>the large size dishes. We used to have a lot of these and over the years
they have
>disappeared.  We do so many unstained slides for people so they can do
their own immunos,
>and I  think they forgot to return the racks.  The old ones had a large
underlined M
>surrounded by a circle on the end of the racks.  I can no longer find
these.  Any help
>would be most appreciated.
>Karen Dulany HTL (ASCP)
>Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
>Omaha, Ne 68127

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