Re: 50 slide slide racks

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Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:51:34 EDT
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Hi Karen,
    The old metal slide racks with a removable handle were made from a 
company called Mercer Glass Works located in NY. The have since went out of 
business. This is why no one can find the racks. 
    Our company now has the racks custom made for us. We carry the 30 and 50 
slide rack with removable handle. As well as a rack to hold 30 - 4" long 

Catalog#3003    Steel Rack for 30 - 3" long slides  $30.95/each
Catalog#5003    Steel Rack for 50 - 3" long slides  $39.40/each
Catalog#3004    Steel Rack for 30 - 4" long slides  $42.00/each
Discounts start 12 each and up
Brain Research Laboratories

Feel free to call with any questions,
Nora Richards
Brain Research Lab.

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