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Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999 07:29:33 -0400

My advice to you is to go to some one's lab and spend some time with the people
doing paraffin work. Practically any of the Histo text books will tell you how
to carry out the various procedures, but having an experienced tech SHOW you
will make your life easier and your sections better!
Marge Lehman 

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Subject:	paraffin embedding

I have experience with working with cryostat ,but not a lot working with
paraffin embedding. Recently, we changed to paraffin embedding in the lab.
Can someone help me and guide me to do paraffin embedding? What do I have
to do to prepare the tissue cassettes, how is this done? I have the concept
but I want to be sure. How do you use the embedding rings? Is there a good
book that will show me how to do paraffin embedding step-by-step?

We are going to use a Citadel tissue processor (from Shandon) and I have
never used it before either. Hope someone can help me on this.

Edna J. Gonzalez
Histology Lab
PowderJect Vaccines

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