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Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:09:20 -0700
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Hi Sue:

We've had the same problem with our Tissue Prep. It seems to be intermittant
in that not all blocks from one processing schedule have sections that
explode. Have you checked the temperature in the embedding center?  Also,
sometimes there is residue melted paraffin in the base molds.  We are
thinking that standing paraffin in the base molds may have something to do
with the problem.  I make sure that I shake out any leftover paraffin before
embedding my tissue.  Sometimes this helps and sometimes it doesn't. Hope
this helps.  

Judi Ford
Roche Bioscience
Palo Alto, CA

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> Subject:	Paraffin Problems
> I hope someone can help us.
> For the past month our paraffin surrounding the tissue has been blowing
> up in the water bath.  We have two processors and the problem occured
> in both machine.  The paraffin we used was Tissue Prep.  We also use
> distill Xylene.  These are the steps we took.
> 1.  Switched to Surgipath infiltrating and embedding paraffin.  This
> step didn't solve our problem.
> 2.  We put fresh Xylene into both stations for all processors.  We
> still have the problem.
> 3.  We changed all solutions (formalin to paraffin) and the problem
> still is happening.
> If anyone has any suggestions please respond.
> Susan Ryan HT, HTL
> Path Lab Inc.
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