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From:Cindy Farman <>
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Date:Fri, 6 Aug 1999 14:50:35 -0700
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Looking in my dog anatomy book, the nodose ganglion is also called the 
distal ganglion of cranial nerve X (the vagus). It is located just as the 
vagus nerve comes out through the jugular foramen. I have no idea how easy 
it would be to see in a mouse! Looks like from the dog picture that it is 
the largest ganglion in the area.

Good Luck

Cindy Farman

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Hi everyone:

I recieved a request from one of our researchers to locate mouse ganglia 
their study.  There is one that we can't find; its called 'nodose ganglia'.
Has anyone heard of this?  If so, where in the mouse would it be located.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Judi Ford
Roche Bioscience
Palo Alto, CA

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