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Date:Wed, 4 Aug 1999 09:58:43 -0500
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Hi Priscilla,
I am with the Legislative Committee and we are trying to help people out
with CPT coding issues.  I would like to know first of all, what type of
responses that you get from your question and secondly, I will give you my 2
cents worth and will present the question to my committee and ask them how
they are handling this.  

There are several CPT codes for postmortem examination.  In fact, the codes
that I have seen listed only refer to the professional components and that
you  can use a 
-90 or 09990 for outside laboratory services.  The codes are:
			88000-Necropsy (autopsy), gross examination only,
with CNS
			88005-with brain
			88007-with brain and spinal cord
			88012-infant with brain
			88014-stillborn or newborn with brain
			88016-macerated stillborn
			88020-Necropsy (Autopsy), gross and microscopic,
without CNS
			88025-with brain
			88027-with brain and spinal cord
			88028-infant with brain
			88029-stillborn or newborn with brain
			88036-Necropsy (Autopsy) limited, gross and/or
microscopic; regional
			88037-single organ
			88040-Necropsy (autopsy); forensic examination
			88045-Coroner's call
			88099-Unlisted necropsy (autopsy) procedure

If you wouldn't mind letting me know what type of responses you get about
the CPT codes.  We would like to share this with everyone.  

P.S. the only green solution that I am aware of is Hollande's fixative.  I
am not sure if this is what you mean but I would be glad to look it up if
that is indeed the one that you are looking for.
Debbie Jennings-Siena
Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, Texas 75245

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	Hi Histonetters--Back again after a couple of months in limbo land.

	I need some input as to how people are coding and billing autopsies.
	you bill for the technical component separately or does the
	reiemburse the hospital or the tech privately for the technical and
	the autopsy both technical & professional together.  When you reply,
	give me your rationale for doing it the way you do.

	I also need the formula for Holman's fixative.  This is a slightly
	colored fixative (?) that turns lymph nodes a bright green.  Please
	the formula.  

	Thanks to everyone in advance

	Priscilla in Central Wyoming

	Also I

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