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Date:Tue, 3 Aug 1999 15:40:37 +0100
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We cut three levels about 100 microns apart, picking up two sections on each
level on all GI biopsies.  All three levels are stained H&E and a spare
section kept for special stains.  A third slide from the middle level of all
upper GI biopsies is stained Alcian Blue-PAS.  If there is clinical history
or suspicion of Helicobacter pylori, a modified Giemsa is also done on an
extra slide taken from the middle level from biopsies of gastric / pyloric /

Phil Hall
Paediatric Pathology
St Michael's Hospital

	From:  john & jane munro[]
	Sent:  03 August 1999 14:28
	To:  HistoNet
	Subject:  GI Biopsy Protocol

	Dear Histonet
	   Because of a recent article in "Human Pathology, July 1999" "The
	Side of the Gastric Biopsy" has caused our Pathologist to
	our protocol, (levels, specials stains, etc.) I decided to poll the
	to try to ascertain what the prudent protocol should be.   Thank You
	advance for your input

	John Munro HT(ASCP)
	Twin Falls Clinic & Hospital
	Twin Falls ID


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