RE: Failed immunohistochemistry runs

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From:"Tim Morken" <>
Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:48:19 EDT
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Bruce W. Brodersen wrote:

 > How often do you have to repeat a run for failed IHC staining in
 > your controls.  It seems we have an inordinant amount of failed
 > runs and I haven't pinned it down yet, what the source of the
 > problem/s is/are.  Along those same lines, how often do you make
 > new buffers etc.?

The only failed runs we experience are due to operator error - forgetting to 
put reagents on or using the wrong reagents or wrong controls. It's a rare 
occurance, but does happen.

We mix all reagents fresh from stock reagents for each run. Our buffer 
stocks are made by an in-house service and autoclaved for before stoarge.

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