Position in Colorado

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From:"Donna Sitrin" <dsitrin@unipathllc.com>
Date:Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:55:33 -0700
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Love to ski or just love the sunshine? Or, are you already in the Denver
area and looking for a change?

I have a position open for a full time (3:30am-1:00pm)histotech in Denver.
In addition, I would like to bring in an afternoon tech (prefer 25-30 hours,
flexible start time such as 1p-7p, or 2p-8p,or even 2p-7p.)
Progressive lab with over 20 pathologists and a good group of people.

Contact:   Donna Sitrin
           (303) 512-2218
            or fax resume to (303) 512-2246
            or E-mail to dsitrin@unipathllc.com

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