ICC on ground sections

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From:RUSS ALLISON <Allison@cardiff.ac.uk>
Date:Thu, 5 Aug 1999 12:11:47 GMT0BST
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I have a post-grad who wants to use sheep anti human alpha 2HS 
glycoprotein on ground sections of teeth.  

I am not making this up!  He has etched the ground sections for 
various times (seconds) in EDTA to "get rid of the abrasive and other 
muck and to open up the dentinal tubules".
The teeth had been fixed in Trumps fluid (formalde/glataralde).  His 
secondary ab is rabbit anti-sheep and his method employs DAB.

Apart from not doing any controls in his first run, the teeth 
sections are a pleasant sun tan brown (at least they are now I've 
destained the homogenous haematoxylin cover he first applied - and I 
don't know whether 1% acid alcohol removes precipitated DAB!)

Here is the bottom line question: anyone used anti alpha 2HS 
glycoprotein (or other antibody) on ground sections of teeth with 
success?  If so, with which Abs and what results and how did you do 

I have my astonishment look ready on my face and my "I do not believe 
it" expression ready for being amazed by the histonet community's 
ability to provide advice on anything, once again!
Russ Allison, Wales

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