Humidity chambers: part II

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From:"Connolly, Brett" <>
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Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:45:57 -0400

Thanks for all your responses. The replies fall into two catagories.

1. Commercial : 
Buy the 20 slide chamber from Shandon. Or Scientific Device Lab has some and
will customize (haven't called yet). Or Histology Control Systems (new to

2. Handyman/Handywoman:
Make your own set-up from Tupperware (let's have a party) or other
plasticware, cake pans, bed pans, small coffins and whatever. Use applicator
sticks, pipets, straws, or unclaimed tibia's to support the slides. 
We are currently using the Tupperware chambers. I had bought a 2' x 4' drop
ceiling light panel (the grid style that covers the fluorescent light) and
cut it up to fit in the tupperware. This works rather well in that one can
use any sized slide and the grid provides uniform support while keeping the
slides elevated about 0.5 inches off the bottom. 

But occasionally with overnight incubations the antibodies migrate to one
end of the slides and the over end dries out so I was looking for something
else to try that was a little more stable.

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