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From:"Richard Cartun" <>
Date:Mon, 09 Aug 1999 13:41:05 -0400
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Like some of you we have been having problems with getting CD10 (clone 56C6) to work on formalin-fixed tissue.  We tried incubating for 30 minutes at RT, but found that we had to use a 1:10 - 1:20 dilution in order to get any immunoreactivity whatsoever.  At those concentrations the antibody is too expensive to use.  Therefore, we have been incubating overnight at a dilution of 1:100.  Last Friday I evaluated a consult case that showed 4+ (maybe even 5+!) CD10 immunoreactivity.  Why did this case stain so strong?  The tissue was fixed in B5.  Our hematopathology fellow brought to my attention an article that was published in 1998 where the authors found that CD10 worked better in B5-fixed tissue (see Mod Pathol 1998;11(11):1046-1051).  I don't know if all B5-fixed tissue will stain this nicely, but it sure was gratifying to see "dark" CD10 immunoreactivity for once.


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