Battle of The Chromogens Update!! and Ventana Dispensers??

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Date:Thu, 12 Aug 1999 19:41:12 EDT
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Hi Histoland,
Just a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful information regarding DAB Vs AEC. 
I even got some helpful vendor phone calls. The Histonet continues to be an 
invaluable asset for all our troubleshooting. Surprisingly I've started 
running DAB with very little negative feedback from my pathologists. 
But with every solved problem another one is soon to follow.
I have a Ventana NexEs or Es dispenser question to ask now. We discovered a 
lot of rbcells stained on a brain lesion IHC run today (even the negatives 
had rbc staining) and come to find out the blocking inhibitor H2O2 dispenser 
is not dispensing. We had this problem with an AEC H2O2 dispenser and 
thankfully Ventana exchanged the kit. We will repeat the run tomorrow with 
blocking off stainer.
So my question is, Is there a way to remove the air bubbles from a faulty 
H2O2 Ventana dispenser and reactivate the dispenser? Also, has anyone else 
encountered this problem and do you have any miracle cures.
Once again thanks in advance for your help.

Forever Indebted,

Joel Benoit
Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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