Autopsies & Lymph Nodes

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From:Priscilla <>
Date:Thu, 05 Aug 1999 18:51:45 -0600
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Many thanks to those people that send the info that they don't charge for
autopsies.  I really need to hear from people that do charge for autopsies.
 We did not charge for a long time and then we did a time study of the
amount of time it takes to complete one from start to finish and felt that
we couldn't afford to offer this as a free service anymore.  We also
stopped doing the coroner's cases at the same time, as the time involved in
court for the single pathologist at our hospital proved to be a real drain
on our department.

So--hopefully there will be a few people who do charge and will share with
me how they code and charge.

Concerning Lymph Nodes:  We have a new Pathologist and He said that He was
used to using Holman's fixative for retrieving the yield of lymph nodes.
Today He told me that it was Hollande's fixative, which, of course, I have
the formula for (somewhere???).
I didn't remember anyone mentioning that it would turn lymph nodes green.
I felt really foolish that I had asked everyone for Holmans fixative.  I
should of realized there was something wrong when I didn't recognize the
name of that fixative.

Have a nice evening everyone.  Priscilla in Central Wyo.

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