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From:"Anne van Binsbergen"

hey joe
i have had accidents in my kitchen - but never in the lab

im also getting a little tired of the CAP dictatorship - and we have not
even started yet!!!
if they were all dyed-in-the-wool histotechs with years and years of
experience i would find it easier to accept - but then again if they had all
that histo experience they would certainly not be expecting/demanding all
these silly 'improvements'

am also flipping annoyed that i am being told which EQA i can and cannot use
- the list of CAP approved EQA facilities does not include NEQAS or RCPA
QAP, both of which i use and am extremely satisfied with ....

CAP are all about the money

thats my vent for the decade

whew....i feel better already!!!!
2008/8/19 Joe Nocito 

> Histoland,
> has anyone ever experienced or heard of an accident while using a "for home
> use only" microwave? I have never had an accident. Before I go on another
> tangent about CAP and OSHA, I'd like to know what everyone else experience
> is.  Since everyone is running around, changing the way they do things just
> because CAP says breast cases have to be documented as to the length of time
> these cases have been fixing in formalin. Uh-oh, I feel it coming on.
> Another tangent. I feel the flames warming up.
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Anne van Binsbergen (Hope)
Abu Dhabi
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