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Not understanding exactly what is your project.  With flat whole mounts of mouse mammary tissue, you can do a whole mount alum-carmine stain to stain the branching network of ducts and terminal sacs.  It is in literature hundreds of times over.  Essentially you are dissolving a lot of lipds so the branch work stands out in 3-D through the whole mount under a scope.  And you can process that whole mount, make normal slides and still see the mammary glands and branches or even re-stain in carmine/mucicarmine to make staining stand out even more.  Or do a cytokeratin stain on slides to see the breast tissue.  Of course the slides will be 6 micron sections, so a thin portion, compared to whole mount carmine stains.  Have done all of these things but it depends on what specifically you are after.

Ray Koelling
PhenoPath Labs
Seattle, WA  

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> Hi All, 
> I am looking for stain that will stain mouse mammary gland tissue without 
> picking up the surrounding background lipids. Any ideas? I could be either a 
> special type stain or antibody stain?? 
> Cheers, 
> Lorie 
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