[Histonet] microwave ovens recommendations, please

From:"Harrison, Sandra C."

OSHA  section 29 CFR 1910.303 (b)(2) states that no food-grade microwave
should be used for anything other than its intended purpose, namely,
heating food for human consumption.  
CAP ANP.27170 "Are microwave devices used in accordance with
manufacturer's instructions?"

Due to the above CAP and OSHA regulations, I recently purchased a
"lab-grade" microwave.  I have experience the following problems:
1.  floor heats up and is hot to the touch.
2.  uneven staining of slides in racks.
3.  variable temperatures, when heating up solutions used in microwave
special stains.

The manufacturer has not been able to satisfy my concerns, although they
have tried by sending me a new floor that doesn't heat up and a
carousel.  Could I hear from other Histonetters what brand microwave
oven they have and if they find it satisfactory?  I don't need it for
tissue processing, just slide drying and special stains.

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