[Histonet] Re: PCR nail fungus testing

From:"Robert Richmond"

Ali A. Krasht (where?) asks if anybody >>knows a laboratory in the USA
that does PCR  for nail fungus testing. We call all over but with no
results. Lately Doctors are asking for PCR nail fungus testing and I
would like to know if anyone does. - Do you know what specific PCR
machine would do the fungus testing, because I've asked manufacturers
and they want over $20000 help.<<

I Googled this problem, and could not find such a test offered by two
of the largest commercial labs, LabCor and ARUP. The test may be
commercially available in Europe or in India, according to what I
read, but I suspect it's not ready for routine use. Both polymerase
chain reaction (PCR) and restriction fragment length polymorphism
(RLFP) methods exist. I found some European references to a test
called Onychodiag.

As we've discussed on this list before, third parties are reluctant to
pay for systemic treatment of nail fungus infections without a tissue
diagnosis. PCR might have greater sensitivity than conventional
staining, but contamination would be a very serious issue, as would
what fungal species are to be considered definite etiologic agents.

It would be totally impractical to set this test up in your own laboratory.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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