[Histonet] Peristaltic pump tubing

From:Caroline Bass


Išm hoping someone here can help me. I have a Manostat varistaltic pump,
Vera model, that I would like to use for perfusing rats. It appears that the
tubing currently in use is not the proper type, it is not very flexible and
the motor is running too hard to drive the flow. I have been looking online
to find either a manual for the pump or some recommendation for what kind of
tubing to buy, but I havenšt had any luck. So two questions, first, does
anyone have a manual or know what kind of tubing I should buy. Second, are
there any recommendations for what to avoid with tubing?

Please forgive if this is a double post, Išve been having email issues
today, and I didnšt see this email on my daily digest.

Thanks for your help,

Caroline Bass

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