[Histonet] Help please from Cerner Millennium users


   We are six weeks into go live with Cerner Mil= lennium and our Medical
   Director  (who  could  not be bothered to give much in= put during the
   build)  has  suddenly  decided that the way Millennium splits u= p our
   fluids  and  tissues  is  "unacceptable".   She has real issues with    bronch  bx  and washings being taken in the same procedure but getting
   separa= te SP and CY accession numbers.  We have done what we could on
   our end= by keeping the specimens together when they are turned out to
   the  patholog=  ists  and  by  making  order  comments  on  each  case
   referencing  the  other  access= ion number.  My question is, how have
   other labs handled this issue?&n= bsp; Is this as big of a deal as she
   is  making  it  out  to be?  The path= ologist who did give some input
   into  our  build did not seem to have a probl= em with this and helped
   us find our current solution.  What have other= 's experiences been?
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