[Histonet] H&E Staining for SPI-Chem Low Acid GMA

From:"Scott Hooten"


I am working with SPI-Chem Low Acid GMA for LM. I am having some background staining issues. I am using the following staining procedure:
1.	Gill's Hematoxylin for 30 minutes
2.	Rinse in distilled water, three changes 10 dips each
3.	Blue in Scott's Tap Water Substitute, 2 to 3 minutes
4.	Rinse in distilled water, two changes 10 dips each
5.	Stain in Eosin Y for 6 minutes
6.	Rinse in two changes of 95% alcohol very quickly
7.	Rinse in two changes of Abs. alcohol, allow sections to remain in the last Abs. for one minute

The embedding medium is taking up the hematoxylin so my sections are dark purple and it seems like the tissue didn't take in much of the hematoxylin.=20
If anyone has used this type of GMA and have some good suggestions for staining it with H&E, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Scott R. Hooten
Histology Technician
MED Institute
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