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I work in a lab that has an irradiator for blood products, it is under  
camera eye and we who use it have been fingerprinted and credit checked-i was  told 
this was an anti-terrorism move so that those of us with good credit had no  
reason or motive to help make the b word!
Dana Dittus
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No  problems with theft or problems with employees. Maybe to monitor the 
workload?  Can't seem to get an answer.

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>  has theft been a problem? If not, this is the first case of big brother in 
> the lab that I've heard of. Pretty sad if you ask me. Oh yeah, you  did 
> Stuff like this just curls my toenails. 
>  JTT 
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> >I was wondering  how many techs out there have cameras in their labs, 
> >for  security or to monitor employees. I went to work Sunday night and 
>  >noticed that 4 cameras were installed in the lab over the weekend, with  
> >more to come. 
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