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The camera thing is odd! There should be some sort of written policy to accompany this process.  I was a school board member for several years and the other members insisted on installing cameras in the buss'.  This, as one responder mentioned, caused all kinds of unanticipated problems. The first and foremost was that all information gathered was after the fact and the images were not clear enough to assign blame.  Also it was surprising who got their hand on those recordings for their viewing pleasure.  Needless to say the very expensive cameras were removed after two lawsuits by parents.  I do agree with one of the responders ... that this is something the administration is not handling directly.  They at least owe you an explanation! 

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I thought about blacking out the lenses too.
The worst part of this whole situation is that the cameras suddenly appeared. The tech just happened to notice them. It is totally unacceptable to me that an institution would not inform the employees they were going to install cameras. This may be CYA for the powers that be. 

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