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From:"Michael Mihalik"

Just a note of caution for those of you looking at electronic ordering.  No
matter whose system you employ, you'll want to have the capability to edit
the orders that come down from the floor.

We're big proponents of electronic orders, heck electronic everything, but
surgical orders from the floor have a high degree of error associated with
them.  Because of that, you'll want to be able to edit those orders as they
are entered into your AP system.

The good news with electronic ordering is that patient demographic and
billing information is generally correct AND you have the potential to have
a better idea of exactly how many specimen to expect for a given case.
Obviously, this information leads to the reduction of a lot of errors and
wasted departmental time.

Michael Mihalik
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We have our frozen section room in the OR so the OR staff delivers all
OR specimens to the frozen section room where it is triaged...involved
cases are grossed in the FS room , smaller cases are picked up by our
Lab Info Techs on scheduled runs throughout the day.  We use carts which
we have to cover when transporting through the hospital.  We still use
paper requisitions but the hospital is looking into electronic ordering
Hope that helps,
Albany, NY

>>> "Fye Beth"  8/11/2008 3:20 PM >>>
I'm curious to how other hospital pathology departments get their OR
specimens to Pathology.
Do you:
1.  Get them delivered to you by OR personnel?
2.  Have a lab assistant pick them up?
3.  Have histotechs pick them up?
4.  Other?

Are they carried in Coolers, Biohazard bags, Carts or other method?

Do you  still use paper requisitions or use some kind of electronic
ordering and if you use electronic, what AP system do you have?

Thanks in advance for any information you can share!

Beth A. Fye, CT (ASCP)
Pathology Technical  Manager
HCA Richmond Hospital Laboratories
office:  (804)228-6564

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