[Histonet] surveillance cameras in the lab

From:"Amos Brooks"

     I have to disagree with you there. I understand the need for security,
but there is a certain amount of trust lost when one makes the decision to
monitor employees without even informing them as to why. (Weather or not
they are legally bound to do so.) You can accomplish the same thing by
letting employees know that there is a problem (or a potential problem) and
having them beware and observant. As a last resort when they find the
problem still presists using stromger methods becomes warranted.
   Once you give up this personal liberty and allow someone to watch over
your shoulder all the time you loose the ability to make the right choices
as there are no choices to make. I would rather live in a society of people
that want to do the right thing than one of people that are forced to. At
that point we might as well allow those that would do us harm to make all
the decisions for us and abandon any form of personal freedom we may have.
   Ben Franklin published in Poor Richard's Almanac the famous quote *"Those
who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety."* It is important to temper our fears
with a sense of who we are lest we devolve into a military state.

Amos Brooks

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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 10:46:26 -0600
From: "Patsy Ruegg" 
Subject: RE: [Histonet] surveillance cameras in the lab
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Come on.
In these times of terror concerns I am not sure I would work in a place
where I did not feel secure and the use of these devices help in that
We built a brand new University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and there
are cameras all over the place as well as lock down.  If you do not have an
access card you cannot get into the labs.  This was a pain at first but with
all the crazy's we have to worry about out there it now makes me feel
I just read in the paper this morning about a researcher whose house was
bombed by Peta types for doing animal research, and we have had all sorts of
disturbances over the years with precious research animals being released,
protests, etc.
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